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Temporary suspension of snorkeling in Santa Fe


We share with you that the Galapagos National Park has issued a document, informing the community about the research projects that are being carried out to determine the diversity, abundance and ethology of sharks in the bays of the Ports and tourist anchorage areas.

The purpose of this research is to avoid risky encounters between sharks and tourists.

One of the sites with the highest frequency of interaction between sharks and tourists has been the Santa Fe Bay, for this reason, monitoring has intensified on the site and the frequent presence of sharks of several species has been identified. Due to this situation, the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park has taken the decision to temporarily suspend surface diving or snorkeling in the Bay of Santa Fe.

This Institution will provide information about the progress of the research project and at the appropriate time the reopening of the site to carry out diving and snorkeling activities will be announced.