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Scientists discover that Galapagos oldest penguin is almost 18 years old


A Spheniscus mendiculus species penguin has broken all life expectancy of these endemic animals of the Galapagos Islands, since according to previous studies, it was thought that these penguins were 11 years old.

This female specimen has been listed as the “oldest in Galapagos” as it is currently 17.7 years old. His first encounter with the naturalists was in 2004 and his age was determined at that time was about two years. The second meeting he had with this specimen was in 2016, where the researchers determined its longevity opens the door to new studies on the life cycle of this endemic species and in turn promotes new strategies for their conversation.

The Galapagos penguin is a species that is in danger of extinction under the agreement with the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for the Conversation of Nature (IUCN)

According to the Charles Darwin Foundation, they comment: “It is the only species of penguin that lives in tropical areas, above the equator” but, according to the data recorded in 1970, the population of this species has not increased.

This endemic species is very sensitive to changes in water temperature, it is also affected by invasive species, parasites, heavy metal contamination and negative interaction with humans.

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