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Scientists figure out the diet of tiger sharks within the Galapagos Marine Reserve


The main prey for tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) large are green turtles and sea lions, according to the study of the diet of this species, while the hatchlings feed on small squid and fish.

Sharks are predators that are located at the top of the marine food network, maintaining a healthy ecosystem, controlling the lowest prey populations in the food network. Tiger sharks are captured momentarily to take samples and place satellite acoustic transmitters. This process does not cause any damage to the animal.

The method of measuring on your diet occurs through your muscle tissues. When an animal eats, its skin, muscles, and organs store information about the animal or plant it ate.

“After analyzing the data, we found that sharks remain inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve for more than 90% of the time they were followed. In the Galapagos they show a high tendency to stay around nesting areas of green turtles,” says Denisse Fierro, scientist of the shark ecology project.

The study shows that marine protected areas, where ecosystems are well preserved and have abundant resources, are effective for the protection of species that are commonly migratory, such as the tiger shark.

The Galapagos Islands is one of the last wild places in the ocean, where shark populations and other predators are in an almost pristine state.

However, sharks are one of the most endangered marine vertebrates on the planet. Few places on the planet are home to healthy shark populations due to the protection provided by Marine Reserves.

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