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Santa Fe Island, the ideal place to include in your Galapagos tour!


With 3.9 million-year-old rock formations, Santa Fe Island is the oldest in the archipelago. It has a surface of 24km2 and offers its visitors one of the most beautiful scenarios in the Galapagos.

Due to its aridity and lack of fresh water sources, it is practically uninhabitable for human beings. Yet this island is a paradise for birds, sea lions and other unique species such as the land iguana of Santa Fé, which cannot be found anywhere else.

The daily tour to Santa Fe Island is one of the most requested activities when staying at Galapagos hotels and Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge this is no exception. The tour includes a trip to a hidden beach surrounded by volcanic rocks, ideal for swimming, diving and observing shark colonies and marine iguanas. The tour also includes a walk along a path that leads to a Cactus forest, where the view is just spectacular.

Going to Santa Fe is a must on your Galapagos tour! Our hotel can include a visit to this island in any of our Unforgettable or Island Hopping  programs in the enchanted isles. If you want to schedule a tour to Santa Fe or if you are looking for a diving tour in the Galapagos , you can write us to We will be happy to help you plan your Galapagos trip!