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What is the purpose of the giant tortoise captivity centers in the Galapagos?


The Galapagos Islands, a destination considered as a nature paradise, is visited by tourists from all over the world. It has a variety of land and marine ecosystems besides an impressive flora and fauna where many species are unique in the world. If you are planning your vacation to the Galapagos Islands, you can´t miss the amazing giant tortoises. They are an icon of the enchanted islands, especially because of their peculiar anatomy and shell that distinguishes them from other tortoises on the planet. The Galapagos National Park is responsible for the direction, research, monitoring and regulation of the environment of the tortoises on the islands. To that end, the Galapagos Park has developed captivity centers that allows for a successful reproduction and breeding of the giant tortoises.

Genetic research has been a key factor on the captivity centers. This research includes:

  1. Identification of the different tortoises in order to recover their population in the Floreana and Pinta Islands.
  2. Analysis of genetic type of the tortoises will help to improve other programs of breeding and reproduction.
  3. Development of laboratory tools for DNA study to assist the different populations and species of tortoises.
  4. Genetic data collection of dead tortoises that have died naturally which will help to complete the identification of new species of giant tortoises.

Other activities planned by the Galapagos National Park are:

         · Development of an operations manual for breeding and reproduction centers.

          · Instructions to follow for the collection of tortoises eggs both in the breeding centers and in the nests of this species in the Galapagos Islands.

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