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Premiere of ¨Galapagos, Islands of Evolution¨ produced by National Geographic


Last September 8, 2016 was the launch of an important event for Ecuador on the Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. It was the premiere of ¨Galapagos, Islands of Evolution¨ produced by National Geographic. Since December 2015, it started to film the documentary that highlights the underwater wealth of the Galapagos especially the islands of Darwin and Wolf, where is located the last barrier reef in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

The documental will be reproduced worldwide through the screen of NatGeo, more than 500 million viewers will be witness the natural wealth that keeps Galapagos. It will create the interest of hundreds of thousands of potential tourist to Ecuador. According to the architect Chafic guest of the event said: ¨I think it is important that these activities are performed, enhance the national and international tourism. Not every day comes NatGeo to your country.¨