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Kayaking in Galapagos, an adventure alternative to discover the islands


Getting to know Galapagos on board a kayak is an interesting activity that this wonderful archipelago has to offer to its visitors who love adventure. The experience that the enchanted islands offer is incomparable, because of the diversity of species that can be observed.

On these islands it is possible to sail with groups of blue footed boobies and observe sea lions resting on the rocky beaches, inlets and especially their journey around the Pacific and its lush mangrove bays. The archipelago has areas inaccessible from land and for larger boats, which can only be accessed by kayak, allowing visitors to discover and admire the landscapes from a different point.

This activity also allows to explore the geological origins of the island and the fascinating natural history of this place, unique on the planet. It is not necessary to be an athlete to enjoy this adventure. The techniques for mastering the palette are relatively simple and easy to learn.

Certain Galapagos hotels offer this activity and Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is one of them. Our hotel recommends kayaking on the fabulous El Garrapatero beach, in the vicinity of our property. The favorable weather of this beach, its crystal-clear waters, white sand and subtle waves make it the ideal place to try this entertainment activity.

Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge offers you this and many more activities in its tours, so you can experience the Galapagos Islands in a unique and unforgettable way! If you want to include a day of kayaking on your Galapagos tour you can write us to [email protected] and we will gladly help you plan your next adventure in the enchanted islands.