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Giant tortoises information is collected through solar technology


The objective is the collection of information on the movements of the tortoises in order to know their health status within their habitat

45 turtles were chosen to take samples, of which seven were placed with solar GPS and in turn flights were made with a drone to map the terrain where the tortoises live. The new devices placed use solar energy, are much more compact and have a lifespan that exceeds 10 years.

These devices not only detect the location of the turtle, but also store the data of their daily activities.

The displacements that Galapagos giant tortoises usually make play a primary role in the healthy maintenance of their populations. The project will help to understand the ecological implications of their migratory movements, at the same time it will allow to know the threats that tortoises face, which will help to contribute important information for their conservation.

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