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New private health insurance and hotel reservation will be required to enter the Galapagos, starting in November 2018


Since November of this year, national and foreign tourists traveling to the Enchanted Islands, must have a private health insurance authorized by the Galapagos Government Council. Passengers will also be required to present Galapagos hotel or cruise boat reservations in order to enter the islands.

The request of the health insurance is a measure that was intended to be applied months ago. Finally, it was endorsed by the Galápagos Government Council and will apply to all foreign tourists entering the Archipelago.

Passengers will be required to present a reservation at a Galapagos hotel or cruise boat for the days in which the tourist will spend the night in the islands. Otherwise, they will have to present a letter of invitation from a local resident of the islands.

The new health insurance required, whose value has not yet been reported, will be sold by a group of firms endorsed by the authorities and their names will be made public at the end of August, 2018

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