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Giant tortoises, the engineers of the ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands


They are considered as the builders of the ecosystem since through their being herbivore and the spread of seeds, they have helped the formation of the vegetal communities, and in addition, they have opened roads that other species take advantage of for their mobilization.

It’s been 60 years since the National Park has been paying special attention to the 16 identified species of chelonians, including Santa Cruz, of which five have been extinguished. This happened long before the Galapagos National Park was created. They have proposed to recover three of the extinct giant tortoise species, which are: those of Floreana, Fernandina, and Pinta, which corresponds to the species of Solitaire George.

But today, the islands face more challenges such as dealing with the increase in population and the arrival of more tourists. Although visitors are a basic pillar in the economy of the islands, an increase in effort must be made to conserve them, since their massive presence can affect the islands. For that, tourism activity must be regulated, preserving the endemic flora and fauna of this wonderful natural corner.

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