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The Galapagos Islands, the ideal place to celebrate the year of the bird!


The National Geographic Society declared 2018 as the year of the birds, commemorating 100 years of the creation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful and important bird protection law ever passed.

To remember the centenary of this event, the most important nature destinations in the world come together to celebrate the “Year of the Bird” and are committed to protecting birds today and for the next hundred years. Many Galapagos hotels, including Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge, invite nature lovers to discover and fall in love with the unique bird species that exist in the archipelago.

The importance of birds in the environment is vital, without them the large chains that make ecosystems work would not be produced, that is why the authorities of the Islands, together with tour operators such as Galapagos hotels, naturalist guides, among others, they work hard to raise awareness among visitors about the relevance of these species and why it is so important to protect them.

A total of 140 species of birds have been recorded in Galapagos: 58 residents, 76 migratory, and 6 introduced. About 50% of the resident birds are endemic to the Islands, this means, they are unique in the world. Some of the most relevant species are:

The Galapagos penguin: This species lives more to the north than any other penguin species, it only nests in the Galapagos Islands, on the line of the Equator, being therefore the only penguin that is distributed in the northern hemisphere.

The cormorant of Galapagos: This is an example of the unusual fauna that inhabits these islands because it is the only cormorant that has lost the ability to fly.

The Galápagos Busardo: This bird is another species within the interesting list of endemics of Galapagos. It is not known with certainty where it comes from or when its ancestors came to the islands. It feeds on marine iguanas, snakes, fish and giant tortoise eggs.

Darwin’s finches: These birds are endemic to the Galapagos Islands, on the island of Santa Cruz. Its natural habitat is tropical or subtropical jungles. They are also world-famous for inspiring Charles Darwin’s evaluation theory.

These are just some examples of the different species that can be seen when visiting the Galapagos Islands. Species that stand out not only for their beauty and uniqueness, but also for their importance to the scientific community.

Come to Galapagos in 2018 and celebrate the year of the birds with us! If you are looking for Galapagos hotels or Galapagos tours, you can write to and ask about any of our programs or day trips to the most beautiful places on the islands for bird watching. For us it will be a pleasure to be part of this unforgettable adventure!