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Galapagos, Hope for the future’ Documentary, addresses the importance of preserving the islands


On October 28th, the world premiere of the documentary “Galapagos, Hope for the future”, funded by the COmON Foundation, was held. The documentary was made in recognition of the 60 years of scientific research in the archipelago of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF).

The launch was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with more than 800 guests, including the presence of the Dutch royal family and several European celebrities.

The premiere in Ecuador is scheduled to be on November 9th in Puerto Ayora-Galapagos and then in Quito on December 12.

The film was directed by Evert van den Bos, Dutch director and producer, which highlights the scientific work currently being done for the proper preservation of the islands.

The film was funded by the Dutch COmON Foundation, which seeks to promote the conservation of this unique site in the world, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This will be the first documentary that will include the work of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, turning this documentary into a unique project.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge aims to contribute to the conservation of species and natural areas on the islands. For us it is extremely important to raise awareness in our guests about all the efforts made to maintain biodiversity and balance in this natural paradise.

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