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Galapagos Islands: Facing Climate Change


From August 7th to August 9th, 2018 a series of workshops are being held in Santa Cruz Island organized by the Ministry of Environment. The main objective of the workshops is to promote concrete actions to reduce the climate change impact on the Galapagos Islands.

The name chosen for this project has been “Galapagos Islands against climate change.” Around 50 experts are part of these workshops who have the mission to make a proposal that will focus on counteracting the effects of global warming on the Galapagos’ ecosystems. They will be in charge of establishing the current and future basic needs of the island to reduce the climate impact.

This event had been organized thanks to the joint collaboration of various government entities such as: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, World Wide Fund for Nature, Galapagos National Park and the United Nations.


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