Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge celebrates the World Animal`s Day


In 1929 at the Vienna Congress, the World Organization for the Protection of Animals stated October 4th as the World Animal Day. This day was established to be able to create awareness and take measures for the preservation especially of endangered species.

In the Galapagos Islands, there are around 9000 species. This number is in changing constantly due to the scientific discoveries and investigations that occur in the Enchanted Islands. Today, there are approximate 23 species in danger of extinction. Hotels, foundations, and various organizations carry out activities to preserve the species of the islands.

How does Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge help the local fauna? Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge is committed to the conservation of animals and the environment by greatly reducing the use of non-degradable plastics. This measure helps to decrease the impact of this material on the ecosystem of the species in the Galapagos Islands.

Do you want to live the experience to get to know unique species of the World? Do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at the following numbers 1-866-9786-514 / + 593-998906400 / + 593-44506016. We will be happy to always help you with your next vacation to the Galapagos Islands!

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge will be present at the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)


The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) was established in 1990. Today, it is recognized worldwide for its leadership and connection with different partners in the area of ​​adventure travel.

The association (ATTA) organizes every year a Adventure Travel World Summit that is focused on adventure travel where associated members can participate. The purpose of this fair is to establish connections between the different members so that in the future they can continue with commercial relationships internationally. This year, it will take place in Tuscany, Italy during the dates of October 15th to October 18th, 2018.

At ATTA, a variety of activities and conferences are held for attendees. One of the main ones is the Marketplace, a place where tour operators, travel agencies, bloggers, among other entities, will meet to exchange their commercial proposals where the main base is the adventure travel

For the first time, Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge, will be participating in this important event. During the show at the Marketplace, you can get to know us­. We are a small family run lodge surrounded by nature in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. To obtain more information about the Lodge and our tours at the Galapagos Islands, just contact us at 1-866-978-6514 / +593 – 44506016 or write an email to, we will be very happy to assist you on your next vacations to the Galapagos Islands. Do not forget to visit our stand at ATTA 2018!

Third litter of giant tortoises born in Galapagos!


In the first days of February the third litter of “Chelonoidis donfaustoi” was born. This is a new species of giant tortoises identified in 2015 after several years of genetic analysis.

For a long time, the scientific community thought that giant tortoise populations from east of the island of Santa Cruz were the same species as the western tortoises. But after careful analysis and genetic research it was determined that they actually belonged to a different species. The situation was critical considering there were not many individuals left from the east part of the island.

From this new discovery, the Galapagos National Park has developed programs for its conservation. With this new litter, 120 specimens are added. For the tortoises to be released in their natural environment, their shells must measure between 23 and 25 centimeters. However, to ensure the survival of these reptiles, they must spend their childhood in captivity, until about 5 years old. Once they grow up, the specimens are going to be returned to the same place where the nests were found.

Tour operators and Galapagos hotels, including Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge, are very committed to the conservation of these magnificent animals, so they invite all visitors to the islands to become aware of the importance of these species. Tortoises are engineers of their ecosystem. With their movements, giant tortoises craft the environment that surrounds them, opening paths so that other species can thrive and also collaborate dispersing seeds.

Get ready to live a unique experience and contribute to the conservation of species in the Galapagos Islands! If you are looking for Galapagos hotels and don’t want to miss seeing the famous giant tortoises, Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge is the perfect place for you! Write us to and we will help you plan your tours to the Galapagos Islands.


Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge offers new destination in Galapagos


In an effort to provide more travel options in the Galapagos for its guests, Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge expands to include San Cristobal island in its Island Hopping packages. Visiting 2 of the most amazing islands in the Galapagos (Santa Cruz and San Cristobal) on the same trip is now possible.

San Cristobal is located in the east side of the archipelago. It is one of the oldest islands in Galapagos. It is the province’s capital and its political center. It’s most populated centers are the main town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and the parish El Progreso. It has several touristic places that possess great deal of beauty. Its fauna is characterized by the great number of sea lions that are present in the urban area.

Get ready to enjoy incredible places like Kicker rock, Tijeretas, Playa Mann and many others, in our Island Hopping programs that include accommodation, transfers, activities, guidance by naturalist guides and meals specified on the itineraries.

If you are looking for Galapagos hotels and Galapagos tours that include San Cristobal Island, planning your trip with Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge is definitely the best option to discover all the wonders of the Galapagos! Write us at and we will be happy to help you plan your next adventure in the Galapagos Islands.

Kayaking in Galapagos, an adventure alternative to discover the islands


Getting to know Galapagos on board a kayak is an interesting activity that this wonderful archipelago has to offer to its visitors who love adventure. The experience that the enchanted islands offer is incomparable, because of the diversity of species that can be observed.

On these islands it is possible to sail with groups of blue footed boobies and observe sea lions resting on the rocky beaches, inlets and especially their journey around the Pacific and its lush mangrove bays. The archipelago has areas inaccessible from land and for larger boats, which can only be accessed by kayak, allowing visitors to discover and admire the landscapes from a different point.

This activity also allows to explore the geological origins of the island and the fascinating natural history of this place, unique on the planet. It is not necessary to be an athlete to enjoy this adventure. The techniques for mastering the palette are relatively simple and easy to learn.

Certain Galapagos hotels offer this activity and Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is one of them. Our hotel recommends kayaking on the fabulous El Garrapatero beach, in the vicinity of our property. The favorable weather of this beach, its crystal-clear waters, white sand and subtle waves make it the ideal place to try this entertainment activity.

Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge offers you this and many more activities in its tours, so you can experience the Galapagos Islands in a unique and unforgettable way! If you want to include a day of kayaking on your Galapagos tour you can write us to and we will gladly help you plan your next adventure in the enchanted islands.


Temporary suspension of snorkeling in Santa Fe


We share with you that the Galapagos National Park has issued a document, informing the community about the research projects that are being carried out to determine the diversity, abundance and ethology of sharks in the bays of the Ports and tourist anchorage areas.

The purpose of this research is to avoid risky encounters between sharks and tourists.

One of the sites with the highest frequency of interaction between sharks and tourists has been the Santa Fe Bay, for this reason, monitoring has intensified on the site and the frequent presence of sharks of several species has been identified. Due to this situation, the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park has taken the decision to temporarily suspend surface diving or snorkeling in the Bay of Santa Fe.

This Institution will provide information about the progress of the research project and at the appropriate time the reopening of the site to carry out diving and snorkeling activities will be announced.



Cyclists from all over the world will meet in Galapagos for International Tour



Elite and recreational cyclists from different countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, among others, will meet for 3 days in Santa Cruz island to participate in the second Galápagos International Cycling Tour from October 5 to7, 2018.

The event, which is organized by the Galápagos Endémic Sport association (GES) and has the authorization of the Galápagos Provincial Sports Federation, is divided into three stages. The first stage will be on October 5, with a 5km individual time trial in Puerto Ayora. The second day, on October 6, will be a round trip circuit of 25 km from Puerto Ayora to Bellavista. Finally, on October 7, in the third stage, 90 km will be covered from Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Channel.

The competition is designed for elite and recreational competitors in different categories such as: children, youth, elite, ladies, master, mountain bikes, among others.

The organization of the event is convinced that this type of activities help to boost the tourist and economic development of the islands, as they attract the attention of many people worldwide, especially those who love sports and nature.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is one of the Galapagos hotels that is already preparing to welcome all these athletes with open arms in order to be part of this great event.

The first International Tour was held in 2016, where 33 cyclists participated. This year it is expected that this figure will grow considerably, since, without a doubt this event is a way to contribute to the massification of sports in the enchanted islands.

If you are a fan of cycling or sports in general, you cannot miss this competition! The setting of the competition is in one of the most wonderful landscapes on Earth. Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is waiting for you to be part of this exciting experience. Do not hesitate to contact us at to help you plan your next tour in the Galapagos islands!

The Ministry of the Environment named Jorge Carrión as Director of the Galapagos National Park


The Minister of the Environment, Tarcisio Granizo, named Jorge Carrión as the new Director of the Galapagos National Park (DPNG), who has been working at this institution since 2012 and prior to this appointment, he was the director of Environmental Management.

Carrión was born in Galapagos, he has PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Seville – Spain, and holds a degree in Biological Sciences at the Central University of Ecuador, where he was also a professor. He has several scientific publications, all related to the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Galapagos; in addition he has extensive experience in environmental management issues.

The Galapagos National Park manages the two protected areas of the archipelago, national park and marine reserve. Carrión’s challenge in this new position is to strengthen the management of the Ministry of the Environment in the islands. This will be achieved through coordinated work with the local institutions, giving continuity to the processes being carried out in the archipelago for many years now.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge, as a Galapagos hotel, reaffirms its total support to the National Park, wishing its new director success and prosperity in his management.

Documents and fees required to enter the Galapagos Islands



The Galapagos Islands are a paradise on Earth, admired for their incomparable beauty and diversity of species. Due to the scientific and environmental relevance of the islands, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements to be able to enter. These measures, which have been taken by the different institutions responsible for the management and administration of the archipelago, are indispensable to maintain all conservation programs and to control the tourist impact in the area.

As well as finding a Galapagos hotel or booking tours and excursions, it is very important to check in advance what are the documents and fees to pay, in order to enter the islands without problems.

To enter the Galapagos you need the passport that you used to enter Ecuador. All Latin American countries (except Cuba), as well as the European Union and the United States do not need any tourist visa. The maximum stay allowed in the country is 90 days.

When you are going to take a plane from Quito or Guayaquil you must pay in advance at the airport the Galapagos traffic control fee that has a cost of 20 USD at the INGALA stand (Instituto Nacional Galápagos), so, it is recommended to be at the airport 2 to 3 hours before the flight. This rate is the same for nationals and foreigners and the document is valid for 3 months.

Once the flight is landed on the islands, you must pay the entrance to the Galapagos National Park, which has a cost of 100 USD for foreign tourists not resident in Ecuador, 50 USD for foreign tourists from the countries belonging to the Andean Community of Nations or Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru) and 6 USD for nationals or foreign tourists residing in Ecuador.

It is important to keep both documents until the Galapagos stay concludes and have them available as they may be required during the trip.

We hope this information has helped you plan your next adventure in this amazing place. Remember that if you are looking for a Galapagos hotel, Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge is the place for you! If you need advice to prepare your documents and organize your Galapagos tours, do not hesitate to contact us. Write to and we will be happy to answer all your requests.

Campaign is announced to eliminate plastic from the Galapagos Islands


Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge is excited to share the news that on April 25th, the Government of Ecuador announced a campaign to make the Galapagos islands a plastic-free archipelago. This will be achieved with the progressive restriction of containers made of this material.

The news announced by Lorena Tapia, which is president of the Governing Council of the Special Regime of Galapagos. At a press conference, she said that the campaign is based on environmental and public health reasons, and that it will be based on current regulations that has not been applied rigorously.

The local and progressive restriction of the use of straws, bags, flexible foam and plastic bottles are part of the rules of the campaign, Tapia said, specifying that controls will be applied, especially in the commercial centers of the populated areas of the Galapagos.

The campaign will also be supported by private companies in the tourism sector such as Galapagos hotels, restaurants, tour operators and businesses by promoting the replacement of plastic bottles for glass containers.

Casa Natura Galápagos Lodge, as a Galapagos hotel committed to the environmental conservation of the islands, will be actively involved in this project, encouraging its guests to reduce the use of plastics, in order to contribute to the care and preservation of this World Heritage Site.