Welcome to Casa Natura Lodge


Casa Natura is a small family run hotel surrounded by nature in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island and central to the main tour and diving sites in Galapagos.

It has 14 rooms, a pool, a dining area, free WiFi service and several social areas for passengers to experience.

All rooms have a private balcony that enables guests to enjoy from the lush scenery of the Galapagos highlands and its ecosystem.

Our hotel in Galapagos provides one complimentary (free) transfer at designated times to port for those guests wishing to explore the small but busy town of Puerto Ayora.


Our hotel is a place where most people come to disconnect from the online/virtual world and have a closer connection to nature. Our Lodge is also a place where travelers unwind after an action-packed day of adventure exploring the Galapagos islands. Many also enjoy the quietness of Casa Natura after a cruise experience in the Galapagos.

Our guests are conscious about climate change and their carbon footprint in the world. Casa Natura’s water supply comes from collected rain water and some of the ingredients we use to make your daily breakfast come directly from our garden. Be sure to walk around the self-guided trail that loops around the property to see some of that local produce.

The owners of the hotel and their family live on site, so it is common to find them making breakfast for you themselves.

For those passengers wishing to explore the marvels that the Galapagos has to offer, Casa Natura Galapagos hotel is central to the main tourist and diving sites in the islands given its location in the middle of Santa Cruz island.

We strongly advice that you plan your activities and tours in the Galapagos in advance before arriving to the Lodge. Although you may be able to find cheaper prices for some excursions in Puerto Ayora, you can also get less rewarding experiences. Spaces to some of the most iconic sites in the Galapagos, like North Seymour (a bird island paradise) , South Plaza (site of the land iguanas) and Bartolome Islands (famous for the Galapagos pinguins and the Pinnacle Rock) get filled quickly in some days of the year.

You can pre-arrange your tours with your preferred travel agent or directly through our Lodge. If you need to go to Puerto Ayora and look for tour options there, you can use the free shuttles that we offer on pre-established hours.

If you would like us to help you plan your exploration of the Galapagos or if you require any extra services such as: airport transfers, lunches, daily tours, excursions or any other additional services please contact us [email protected]m.

Aerial View - Casa Natura Galapagos Hotel

Dear Guest:

On behalf of all the staff of Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge, we want to welcome you to the property. We are thrilled to have you as our guest on the famous Galapagos Islands, the living laboratory of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Esteban Velasquez

General Manager