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Diego, the Galapagos turtle that saved the existence of his species


Diego, the turtle considered “sex symbol”, contributed arduously to the mass reproduction of his species, managing to save it completely from extinction.

Diego is famous because despite having been out of the country for 30 years at the San Diego Zoo (USA), he was repatriated to the country to participate in the breeding program of the species “Chelonoidis hoodensis.” resounding success thanks to your contribution. This is why it is considered the ‘sex symbol’ turtle that helped save its species.

Diego, despite over one hundred years of age, has become a symbol of the Galapagos conservation, since approximately 40% of the turtles repatriated to the Spanish island are their descendants.

The Galapagos National Park said that an ecological evaluation carried out on Española Island, showed the recovery of habitat conditions for the new turtles, all thanks to the captive breeding program of the “Chelonoidis hoodensis” species.

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