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3 new species of snakes have been discovered by scientists in Galapagos


Researchers from Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina discovered 3 new species of snakes at the Galapagos Islands. These new species were discovered at Santa Fe Islands, Santiago Islands and Turtle Islet.

The scientists called the new species as: darwini, thomasi y pseudalsophis. These snakes are color brown which allow them to hide themselves in the flora or rocks of the islands. Its longitude varies between 25 until 55 centimeters.

Snakes have a main role within the food chain, because they allow the balance of populations such as the case of lizards.

This new discovery shows that the Galapagos Islands are not only an adventure and nature destination of the world, however it is also an important place for the scientific community at a universal level.

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Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge will participate at Travel Mart 2018!


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