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Cyclists from all over the world will meet in Galapagos for International Tour



Elite and recreational cyclists from different countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, among others, will meet for 3 days in Santa Cruz island to participate in the second Galápagos International Cycling Tour from October 5 to7, 2018.

The event, which is organized by the Galápagos Endémic Sport association (GES) and has the authorization of the Galápagos Provincial Sports Federation, is divided into three stages. The first stage will be on October 5, with a 5km individual time trial in Puerto Ayora. The second day, on October 6, will be a round trip circuit of 25 km from Puerto Ayora to Bellavista. Finally, on October 7, in the third stage, 90 km will be covered from Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Channel.

The competition is designed for elite and recreational competitors in different categories such as: children, youth, elite, ladies, master, mountain bikes, among others.

The organization of the event is convinced that this type of activities help to boost the tourist and economic development of the islands, as they attract the attention of many people worldwide, especially those who love sports and nature.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is one of the Galapagos hotels that is already preparing to welcome all these athletes with open arms in order to be part of this great event.

The first International Tour was held in 2016, where 33 cyclists participated. This year it is expected that this figure will grow considerably, since, without a doubt this event is a way to contribute to the massification of sports in the enchanted islands.

If you are a fan of cycling or sports in general, you cannot miss this competition! The setting of the competition is in one of the most wonderful landscapes on Earth. Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge is waiting for you to be part of this exciting experience. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to help you plan your next tour in the Galapagos islands!

The Ministry of the Environment named Jorge Carrión as Director of the Galapagos National Park


The Minister of the Environment, Tarcisio Granizo, named Jorge Carrión as the new Director of the Galapagos National Park (DPNG), who has been working at this institution since 2012 and prior to this appointment, he was the director of Environmental Management.

Carrión was born in Galapagos, he has PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Seville – Spain, and holds a degree in Biological Sciences at the Central University of Ecuador, where he was also a professor. He has several scientific publications, all related to the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Galapagos; in addition he has extensive experience in environmental management issues.

The Galapagos National Park manages the two protected areas of the archipelago, national park and marine reserve. Carrión’s challenge in this new position is to strengthen the management of the Ministry of the Environment in the islands. This will be achieved through coordinated work with the local institutions, giving continuity to the processes being carried out in the archipelago for many years now.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge, as a Galapagos hotel, reaffirms its total support to the National Park, wishing its new director success and prosperity in his management.