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Two new species of salamanquesas are discovered in Galapagos


A group of scientists from several organizations, including Tropical Herping (TH), Galapagos Conservancy and the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, identified two new species of salamanquesas, located around two volcanoes on Isabela Island.

The new species of salamanquesa found around Wolf volcano, was named as Phyllodactylus andysabini; While the other species found around the Darwin volcano was named as Phyllodactylus simpsoni, the latter is located throughout Isabela and Fernandina Island.

Both names were selected in honor of the efforts employed by important international personalities of world conservation, and are already added to the Galapagos Reptile book detailing the data found at the time of its discovery.

The Galapagos Reptile book is displayed in the auditorium of Arcotel, on Santa Cruz Island, where it is currently only in English where it is used as a consultation tool for technicians, scientists, researchers and the local population in general.

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