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14.6 million hectares is the new figure the Galapagos Biosphere Reserve


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) approved the expansion of the Archipelago of Columbus Biosphere Reserve to 14.6 million hectares, also they approve their new name “Galapagos Biosphere Reserve”, making the Archipelago one of the most important  and, the largest marine reserves in the world.

The designation states that all environmental services applied in the reserve are of high importance for the preservation of animal and plant life. According to the changes made, these next steps would consist of the management plan and the establishment of a management committee of the Biosphere Reserve. The Columbus Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, now known as the Biosphere Reserve, was created in 1984, when it initially included only the land area with 772 thousand hectares.

The process to integrate the surrounding marine area began in 2015, the year where the proposal was presented to Unesco. With the increase in the marine area, 14.6 million hectares are reached.

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