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Dan Kimmich's avatar Dan Kimmich Munich, Germany

This is the best place to stay in Galapagos! I have stayed in the other hotels and they were fine, but here i life a new experience! After spending the day living with beautiful animals and come back the hotel to enjoy a glass of wine while looking out the window to nature..

Ramon Silva 's avatar Ramon Silva Sao Paulo, Brazil

This summer we spent four nights in Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge. It was a very pleasant experience; the service was great with super friendly staff members. My family and I enjoyed it very much. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the jacuzzi was a great extra to relax in. They helped us to arrange tours and efficient information to plan our visit. I definitely recommend this hotel. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you Casa Natura.

John Davis 's avatar John Davis San Jose, USA

I decided to stay at the Lodge after initially doubting if the Lodge's location will be a great base for my visit to the Galapagos. I finally made my mind after hearing how "urbanized" and "crowded" Puerto Ayora can be from some friends who traveled to the islands the year before. My image of the Galapagos was of a secluded and isolated archipelago full with unique wildlife and lush scenery so the Lodge seemed like the perfect place for me. The property was more than I expected as it provided with a complimentary shuttle to the town at specific times during the day. Taxis costed USD 5. The place is lush and green and the rooms have balconies that let you enjoy it. Jacqueline & Jhony were great hosts and very accommodating.


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Enjoy your holiday in Casa Natura Galapagos Hotel